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Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jasen Jones

WIB Executive Jasen Jones uses O*NET data to attract employers and jobs to his WIRED region.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Janet Wall

Senior O*NET Trainer and Sage Solutions President Janet Wall applies O*NET data and tools myriad ways in her career development and educational assessment work.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Julie O'Connor

Statistician Julie O'Connor keeps Montana's Career Information System (MCIS) current by maintaining the latest O*NET occupational information in it.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: David S. Lipnicky

Sr. Workforce Development Information Specialist David Lipnicky uses O*NET in many functions in his work with the U.S. Department of Labor/ETA. For starters, he leads many O*NET workshops throughout his 11-state DOL/ETA Region.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Ben Garcia

Web and Database Manager Ben Garcia has used O*NET data and tools in many applications during his career as economist, database wizard and Webmaster.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Mike Tillotson

Oklahoma Employment Services Commission Area Program Manager Mike Tillotson uses O*NET information more ways than you can count, from leading seminars, advising business councils, and teaching occupational coding, to developing workshops and consulting with the Governor's Council of Economic Development.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jennifer Barnett

Business Strategies Coordinator Jennifer Barnett used to use O*NET for career exploration, writing job orders, helping businesses write job descriptions, and in other applications. Now she uses O*NET in many additional applications, such as preparing briefings for the WIB Directors.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Roxanne Trees

Career and Technical Education Specialist Roxanne Trees uses O*NET to ensure that many career education courses comply with national and industry standards and meet many other benchmarks.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Peggy Anderson

State Coordinator of Business Relations Peggy Anderson has incorporated O*NET into the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services' Employment Institute. Every staff member who provides service directly to customers learns how to use O*NET effectively.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Texas O*NET Applications

The Texas Labor Market and Career Information Department team, including Rich Froeschle, John Romanek, and Mark Duksta, has long used O*NET to identify critical workforce needs to help create regional education and training that matches those specific workforce requirements.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Teresa Davenport

Human Performance Consultant Teresa Davenport has used O*NET tools to develop courses and tutorials, as well as to create podcasts with other expert O*NET users. She also uses O*NET OnLine in many workforce development consulting projects.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Yustina Saleh

Labor Market & Demographic Research Director Yustina Saleh uses O*NET occupational data throughout the proposing and planning stages of New Jersey economic revitalization projects.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: John Dorrer

Maine Center for Workforce Research & Information Director John Dorrer uses O*NET in many applications to bolster business and workforce development throughout the state.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Phil Lewis and Dave Rivkin

National Center for O*NET Development Technical Officers Dave Rivkin and Phil Lewis monitor the technical quality of O*NET and ensure the high quality of the research that goes into the database. But they work with O*NET in many other ways, too.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Hope Clark

Director of Research & Market Development Hope Clark uses the O*NET occupational information database to help workers in Indiana reinvent themselves for new occupations.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Rebecca Rust

Labor Market Information Director Rebecca Rust embedded the O*NET database in the Florida Research and Economic Database (FRED) and uses the O*NET assessment tools in her agency's Reemployment LMI OneStop workshop. O*NET data and tools are important elements in many other applications.

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