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  1. ThumbNail Experience a live demonstration of the features and uses of My Next Move, the new user-friendly electronic career exploration tool launched by the U.S. Department of Labor.

  2. ThumbNail Dr. Janet Wall introduces attendees to the three O*NET Career Exploration Tools and demonstrates how each tools directs users to occupational information.

  3. ThumbNail Dr. Janet Wall provides background and information on O*NET Tools & Technology. She shows how O*NET OnLine, Career Voyages and Career InfoNet incorporate Tools & Technology. Lastly, she describes plans for Tools & Technology.


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  1. ThumbNail Management Professor Paul Schumann uses O*NET in many ways in the university classroom.

  2. ThumbNail WIB Executive Jasen Jones uses O*NET data to attract employers and jobs to his WIRED region.

  3. ThumbNail Counselor John E. Rich uses O*NET to help students explore what they want to be in the world of work.



Tip of the Month

"My use of O*NET has evolved over the years." explains Hope. "When I started my career, I used O*NET with individual customers. I first heard of O*NET in graduate school, when I was studying for my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. I did my internship at Goodwill Industries of Chicago. We used O*NET as a job analysis tool, helping people to develop career plans by assessing their knowledge, skills and abilities required for various occupations. It is a very useful tool in this application."

Hope Clark, Director of Research & Market Development