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Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Paul Schumann

Management Professor Paul Schumann uses O*NET in many ways in the university classroom.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. John E. Rich

Counselor John E. Rich uses O*NET to help students explore what they want to be in the world of work.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Diana Bailey

Workforce Development/Transition Coordinator Diana Bailey uses O*NET assessment tools to help create career development programming for offenders in Maryland's prison system.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. J. Bruce Tracey

Associate Professor J. Bruce Tracey uses O*NET data in several research and education applications at Cornell University.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Sandra Slutz

Scientist Sandra Slutz, staff expert at Science Buddies, a website for science students, uses O*NET information to nurture career exploration for millions of young scientists around the world.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Harley Baker

Professor and Developmentalist Harley Baker used O*NET data to recreate the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program (CEP).

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Janet Wall

Senior O*NET Trainer and Sage Solutions President Janet Wall applies O*NET data and tools myriad ways in her career development and educational assessment work.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jane Field

LMI Training Coordinator and best-selling author Jane Field embeds O*NET information and tools throughout her career exploration guides and planning tools for students embarking on their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Becky Hayes

Career Counselor and business owner Becky Hayes uses O*NET many ways when counseling her clients. College Major Testing is a career development private practice whose clients use O*NET data and tools to grow in their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Roxanne Trees

Career and Technical Education Specialist Roxanne Trees uses O*NET to ensure that many career education courses comply with national and industry standards and meet many other benchmarks.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Kathy Gregory

Vocational Evaluator Kathy Gregory uses O*NET to help her clients at the Traumatic Brain Injury Program of Tennessee make realistic work plans. Skills gaps analysis is a quick process with O*NET OnLine.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jacqueline Benitez

Compensation Analyst Jacqueline Benitez uses O*NET to develop job descriptions in her Human Resources department at work. She also uses O*NET when conducting workshops and helping college students with career development processes such as resume writing and interview dry runs.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Texas O*NET Applications

The Texas Labor Market and Career Information Department team, including Rich Froeschle, John Romanek, and Mark Duksta, has long used O*NET to identify critical workforce needs to help create regional education and training that matches those specific workforce requirements.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Teresa Davenport

Human Performance Consultant Teresa Davenport has used O*NET tools to develop courses and tutorials, as well as to create podcasts with other expert O*NET users. She also uses O*NET OnLine in many workforce development consulting projects.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Career Trees

The Workforce Development Council team of Samantha Spitzer, Stephen Brown and Curtis Takahashi used the O*NET database to create,a front-end interface to O*NET OnLine for people embarking on careers in the area north of Seattle, WA.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Bette Noble

Senior Research and Development Specialist Bette Noble integrated the O*NET database with her organization's Career Direct Guidance System to make a comprehensive career selection program.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Janet Ormond

Dean of Workforce Development Janet Ormond works tirelessly to ensure that all of the counselors at Chattahoochee Valley Community College know how to effectively use O*NET to help students in successful career exploration and preparation.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Phil Lewis and Dave Rivkin

National Center for O*NET Development Technical Officers Dave Rivkin and Phil Lewis monitor the technical quality of O*NET and ensure the high quality of the research that goes into the database. But they work with O*NET in many other ways, too.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Hope Clark

Director of Research & Market Development Hope Clark uses the O*NET occupational information database to help workers in Indiana reinvent themselves for new occupations.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: J R Mooney

Vocational Specialist JR Mooney is expert at leveraging all dimensions of O*NET occupational information--the standard language of work context, work values, detailed tasks, work styles and KSAs. He applies O*NET's value to helping disabled youth accomplish career exploration and planning, resume writing, interviewing and landing jobs.

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