Spotlight on O*NET Users: Keith Duarte

Keith Duarte

President, Data Frenzy, Newport Beach, CA

Keith Duarte, President of Data Frenzy, devotes his work life to building the leading job distribution and resume management company. They post a client’s job openings to any of 2,500 job boards; enable clients to easily process incoming resumes; and provide effectiveness reports to help clients improve their job postings. At this moment Data Frenzy is managing over 200,000 job openings.

Data Frenzy’s users include the world's largest staffing firm, numerous multi-national employers, and?€”many One Stop Centers! The flipside of Data Frenzy’s work helping employers find the right people to fill job openings is, a congruent service that helps job applicants land jobs. is free?€”and ingenious. And, a critical ingredient of is O*NET.

A job hunter enjoys the benefits of the contextual software technology that employers use to evaluate resumes. Job seekers submit their resumes online for review through the software and receive word by word, task by task, skill by skill suggestions for improving each element of their resume. Because the software automatically accesses the specific O*NET language of an occupation’s skills, tasks, abilities, and knowledge sets, and recommends that the applicant uses the key words most sought-after by employers, the job hunter can configure a resume to appear at the top of the “pile” of resumes the employer considers.

Job hunters can take the Work Genius Career Assessment, which is O*NET’s Career Interest Profile. With a click they can learn which occupations most closely align with their interests. Then job hunters can edit their resumes to incorporate the optimum language describing knowledge, skills and abilities, work experience and tasks they have mastered on the job. Each resume improvement is accomplished with a single click. No cutting and pasting required. Voila! Within moments a resume is as robust as possible, and is presented to all targeted job opportunities at once, at whichever job boards the applicant desires. Job seekers, hunters who can’t devote 10 — 30 minutes to apply individually to each interesting opening, art thrilled; they post a resume once, to all the job boards they are interested in, and they can update it once, for all.

At 2:00PM on Friday, June 25th, the site revealed that:

  • There are 400,329 Active Users on GadBall
  • 381 Profiles Created / Updated Today (Friday, June 25, 2010)
  • In Texas alone, more than 200 One Stop clients are submitting resumes to each day

Keith explains how Data Frenzy came to putting the O*NET database and career exploration tool behind his company’s services: “In serving our clients, we quickly saw that some of the job descriptions they posted were poor. We had to find a way to help them clarify their openings, in terms of the specific skills and knowledge the job required, in terms of the particular tasks the worker had to do. We know that vague job descriptions do not get the response rate that sharp postings do. We discovered that the O*NET database has that clear, specific language for all the occupations. ”

It followed that if Data Frenzy could help job seekers in the same way, guiding them to easily articulate with clarity what they knew, their skills, and the tasks they had mastered?€”Data Frenzy would be adding huge value for their employer clients.

The rest is history. Keith shares, “We have spent zero dollars on advertising. Every job board wants to partner with us. Forty thousand to 50,000 people a month join All this is solely by word of mouth.”

Sometimes people in workforce and career development report initial nervousness around the cost of bringing the O*NET database and complementary career exploration tools to their services. Yes, these great tools are free, but what does it require in terms of time and IT expertise? Would Keith put minds to rest and say it is a piece of cake? “It’s easy to link the O*NET database to your site or services,” he says. “You can migrate the data with relative ease. But we’re a software company! We have the ingenuity to get it optimally integrated. The intricate linking we did, the extractions?€”that’s where we could create differentiation and make the most powerful services possible?€”for both sides of the job matching process simultaneously.”

Keith is full of power away from work, too. One of his favorite fun time activities is SUP-ing with his 10, 8, and 5-year old children. Not familiar with Stand Up Paddling? Basically you’re cruising the water, standing on a big surf board, navigating with a long paddle. If you’re looking for a hard-work workout, this sport’s for you.

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