Spotlight on O*NET Users: Julie O'Connor

Julie O'Connor

Name: Julie O’Connor
Employer: Department of Labor and Industry, State of Montana
Title: Statistician
Role: Conducts research and writes software. Develops and maintains Montana's Career Information System (MCIS).
O*NET Usage: Julie has integrated O*NET data into the MCIS system. MT system now has detailed information on 494 occupations. Next year they will add new and emerging occupations to MCIS. Julie will also incorporate the O*NET interests and values information for occupations.
Speaking on the Value of O*NET: “We have been transferring O*NET information into our software for quite a while. The work I do helps many people make career choices. So many people use the MCIS system - schools, job services, rehab counselors, etc. My work with O*NET has great impact in many places.”
Studying: Attends the Helena College of Technology, University of Montana, keeping up with the mathematics! Also, recently took a business trip to Seattle to learn about Bureau of Labor Statistics happenings, the OE Survey, and SOC codes.
Hobby: Julie loves to garden on the family's 1,000 acre ranch outside of Helena.