Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Janet Wall

Dr. Janet Wall

Senior O*NET Trainer

We visited with Janet, curious to learn who she is when not helping O*NET users “on the Net.”  President of Sage Solutions, she focuses on career and educational assessment.  Janet initially worked in educational testing and assessment during an internship as a graduate student.  She took a slight turn into career development while living in Italy, managing a careers office for The Johns Hopkins University.  Janet earned a BS from Northern Illinois University, an M.Ed. at Texas A&M in Curriculum and Instruction, an Ed.S. at the University of Georgia in Education Research, Testing and Evaluation, and an Ed.D in Educational Administration/Leadership from Nova University.  Armed also with a Certificate in Distance Education from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County,  Janet is well-equipped to lead Webinars about O*NET and its complementary tools. 

We caught up with Janet as she is writing a book on test preparation.  She previously has published “Measuring Up:  Assessment Issues for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators”, and “What Do I Like to Do: 101 Activities to Understand Interests and Plan for Careers.”   Both are published by Pro-Ed Inc., Austin, TX.  Either would be an excellent acquisition for your resource library.

Janet consults with the Departments of State, Labor, and Education.  She is board member on the National Security Studies Program for senior government and military executives at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and often acts on education and testing/assessment task forces and committees.

Janet, what do users new to O*NET most often want to learn or get help with?

Wall:  O*NET users need practical assistance.  They are on the spot to help their clients.  They need simple, easy-to-use tools.  They want to know how to get answers for their clients quickly.  O*NET and these assessments fill that need.

What do you see on the horizon in the world of workforce development assessment?

Wall:  I think that it is clear that technology is changing the world of assessment.  There already are several instruments available online.  O*NET instruments are downloadable via the Internet.  Technology makes assessors’ work less costly and more effective, IF they use the assessments and the technology correctly.  Generation X and Y people learn using new technology, so they expect to be tested and assessed using it.

Janet and her business partner husband, Robert Gard, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.   She enjoys working out daily and taking advantage of the benefits of having homes in both Pebble Beach, CA, and the Washington, DC area.  Janet counts herself fortunate, having been able to work in or visit nearly 40 countries during her career, most recently including Korea, Chile, and the Baltics.

We count ourselves lucky to have Janet leading O*NET Webinars.  Be sure to check the schedule and register for an upcoming O*NET Webinar!