Spotlight on O*NET Users: Bill Archer

Bill Archer

Name: Bill Archer
Employer: Eaton Intermediate School District - Vocational School serving three counties in Michigan
Title: Employability Skills Trainer

Bill has been Employability Skills Trainer for three years. He has a Masters in Human Resources. 20 years assisting people find employment.
Role: Helps people who are unemployed and must find jobs, under the Welfare Reform Act. His office is in a One-Stop Center; his clients are referred by the Family Independence Agency.
O*NET Usage: Bill uses the Crawl/Walk/Run approach with his clients, with the “goal of familiarizing job seekers with the use of O*NET.” In the Crawl Phase, Bill and the job seeker review test results together, plug the most recent job into O*NET, and print a summary report and wage/trend sheet. Bill gets the client talking about a dream occupation. They find it in O*NET and print its summary report and wage/trend sheet.

During the Walk Phase, Bill reviews the client’s resume, checks for standard industry terms and phrases, and compares language with the occupation summary reports. He shows the job seeker how to use O*NET and to fill in job titles and tasks. The client uses the printouts to upgrade their resumes with proper language, structure, and format.

During the Run Phase, Bill edits the resume with the client, making sure it’s on target. The client makes copies for potential employers and springs out of the blocks searching for a job.

Next Bill hopes to incorporate everything his clients learn into the process of making functional rather than chronological resumes, using O*NET-based templates. Many of his clients have employment gaps and will benefit from using O*NET language in a functional resume design.
Speaking on the Value of O*NET: “Many times O*NET has been helpful in getting my clients new, different jobs. Several gas station workers have landed positions as administrative clerks and accounting clerks. When I help them realize that they actually do have skills, that are transferable and attractive in other occupations, they quickly learn to use the O*NET language to move to the next level in their careers! People come in here saying that the only skill they have is operating a cash register. They soon see that they have many skills and need only to learn how to articulate them properly.”
Currently Reading: Direct From Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry, Michael Dell’s story (with Catherine Fredman).
Favorite Sport or Hobby: Bill enjoys competing in triathlons and duathlons, when he's not riding his Harley!