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Using O*NET to Provide Job-Search Assistance to Young People with Disabilities

Vocational Specialist J.R. Mooney discusses how he and his team use O*NET to help young people with disabilities in the job search process.

The Role of O*NET in Attracting Green Companies

Vice President of Customer Solutions Isaac Grauke describes how EMSI used O*NET to create products that attract green companies.

Using O*NET to Create Resumes

Business owner Robin Schlinger shares her use of O*NET information to craft powerful resumes.

Guiding Individuals through Their Career Journey Using O*NET

Job Developer Donna Flisack discusses using O*NET to guide individuals through their careers.

Helping Military Members Transition to the Civilian Workplace

Local Employment Representatives Keith Brandon and Bobby Johns explain how O*NET information can help assist military members in transition.

Assisting the Visually Impaired in Career Planning and Job Seeking

Professional Placement Coordinator Dana Barber details the use of O*NET occupational information to assist the visually impaired in career planning and job seeking.

Assisting Persons with Disabilities Using O*NET

Disability Program Navigator Steve Hughes details how O*NET can assist persons with disabilities.

Using O*NET as the Basis for Labor Market Information

Web and Database Manager Ben Garcia explains how the Colorado Labor Department uses O*NET as the basis for its labor market information, keeping its system updated with the most current data.

Benefiting Clients through a Welfare-to-Work Program with O*NET

Contextual Remediation Instructor Kelly Reed describes how she uses O*NET information to benefit clients in a welfare-to-work program.

O*NET’S Role in Assisting Workers Displaced by the BP Oil Spill

Cliff Atkinson of EmployFlorida talks about the effects of the BP Oil Spill on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the impact on workers, and how O*NET is being used in Florida’s jobs database to assist workers displaced by the oil spill.

Assisting At-Risk Youth with O*NET

Diana Bailey, Workforce Development and Transition Coordinator, provides insight into how the State of Maryland is using O*NET products such as the Career Exploration Tools to assist at-risk youth as they transition into the workplace. She also shares insights on the use of O*NET’s tools in the adult prison system.

WIBs Using O*NET for Regional Economic Development

Jasen Jones, Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri, explains O*NET’s role in attracting new industry to the region around Quapaw, OK.

O*NET’S Role in Community Colleges

Dr. John Rich, Counselor and Director of Career Services at Three Rivers Community College, focuses on O*NET’s use with community college students. Dr. Rich uses O*NET resources to present career opportunities to students. He talks about his experiences and zeroes in on at least one student situation to explain in depth how he uses O*NET.

WIBs Using O*NET for Gathering and Dispensing LMI

Dr. Steve Turkoski, Chair of Region 10 Workforce Development Council and Adjunct Instructor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, shares information about how he gathers and uses LMI to promote the region and help form strategic partnerships. He talks specifically about his use and promotion of O*NET within the context of regional workforce development and economic growth.

O*NET’S Role in Regional Economic Development

Rick Maher, CEO of Maher & Maher, explains the significant role of O*NET data in regional economic development.

My Next Move desk aid

This desk aid describes the features of My Next Move (, a Web site created by the National Center for O*NET Development for the U.S. Department of Labor, Education and Training Administration. My Next Move provides easy access to career exploration, educational and training programs, and job postings. Students and those in transition will find this stream-lined Web site a great tool in helping determine their next move on the road to a satisfying career.

O*NET OnLine desk aid

This handy two-page desk aid describes the detailed occupational information available at O*NET OnLine ( as well as the many search alternatives.

O*NET Career Exploration Tools Overview

Course presents content explaining the O*NET-based assessment tools the Interest Profiler, Work Importance Locator and Ability Profiler.

Using O*NET for Demand-Driven Service Delivery

Course describes O*NET; defines demand-driven workforce system; describes how O*NET can help the system deliver demand-driven services; and identifies demand-driven applications of O*NET.

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