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Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. John E. Rich

Counselor John E. Rich uses O*NET to help students explore what they want to be in the world of work.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Paul Epstein

World Learning Network CEO Paul Epstein uses O*NET occupational information in Career Sprocket, a virtual career development center for computer-savvy career-building workers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Sandra Slutz

Scientist Sandra Slutz, staff expert at Science Buddies, a website for science students, uses O*NET information to nurture career exploration for millions of young scientists around the world.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Laquisha Clyburn

Career Consultant Laquisha Clyburn uses O*NET OnLine when leading workshops and in counseling job seekers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. John J. Horan

Professor of Counseling Psychology John J. Horan created the Automated Advisor using the O*NET database and career tools.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Tora McConico

Case Manager Tora McConico uses O*NET data and tools in multiple ways, coaching her clients through the job-search process. Tora works one-on-one with clients, many of whom are deaf or hearing impaired.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Bill Archer

Employability Skills Trainer Bill Archer uses O*NET OnLine and emphasizes using the O*NET common language when helping clients discover skills gaps and create excellent resumes.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jane Field

LMI Training Coordinator and best-selling author Jane Field embeds O*NET information and tools throughout her career exploration guides and planning tools for students embarking on their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Becky Hayes

Career Counselor and business owner Becky Hayes uses O*NET many ways when counseling her clients. College Major Testing is a career development private practice whose clients use O*NET data and tools to grow in their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jack Hurley

Employment and Training Assistant Jack Hurley uses O*NET information and tools creatively as matchmaker between job seekers and employers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dana Barber

Employment Readiness Specialist Dana Barber inspires new O*NET users to best practices in leveraging the power of O*NET OnLine and its complimentary tools. She works with blind and visually impaired consumers to help them make informed career choices.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Keith Brandon/Bobby Johns

Local Employment Representatives Keith Brandon and Bobby Johns use O*NET information and tools to help veterans successfully transition to the civilian work world.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Robin Schlinger

Certified Resume Writer Robin Schlinger helps job seekers at every career stage develop stellar resumes. Many of her clients are business people, transitioning members of the armed forces, or people in a federal government career.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Peggy Anderson

State Coordinator of Business Relations Peggy Anderson has incorporated O*NET into the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services' Employment Institute. Every staff member who provides service directly to customers learns how to use O*NET effectively.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Kathy Gregory

Vocational Evaluator Kathy Gregory uses O*NET to help her clients at the Traumatic Brain Injury Program of Tennessee make realistic work plans. Skills gaps analysis is a quick process with O*NET OnLine.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Steve Hughes

Disability Program Navigator Steve Hughes has used O*NET Career Exploration Tools and all elements of the O*NET database in working with individual clients and employers throughout his career in many roles with the Humboldt County, CA, Department of Health and Human Services.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Tonja Horn

Disability Program Navigator-Employment Counselor Tonja Horn uses O*NET in her work with veterans, youth and other clients in the Fairbanks, Alaska region.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Career Trees

The Workforce Development Council team of Samantha Spitzer, Stephen Brown and Curtis Takahashi used the O*NET database to create,a front-end interface to O*NET OnLine for people embarking on careers in the area north of Seattle, WA.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Janet Ormond

Dean of Workforce Development Janet Ormond works tirelessly to ensure that all of the counselors at Chattahoochee Valley Community College know how to effectively use O*NET to help students in successful career exploration and preparation.

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