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Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jasen Jones

WIB Executive Jasen Jones uses O*NET data to attract employers and jobs to his WIRED region.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Paul Epstein

World Learning Network CEO Paul Epstein uses O*NET occupational information in Career Sprocket, a virtual career development center for computer-savvy career-building workers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Diana Bailey

Workforce Development/Transition Coordinator Diana Bailey uses O*NET assessment tools to help create career development programming for offenders in Maryland's prison system.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. J. Bruce Tracey

Associate Professor J. Bruce Tracey uses O*NET data in several research and education applications at Cornell University.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. R. Nathan Spreng

Harvard Psychologist R. Nathan Spreng uses O*NET occupational data to expand knowledge about possible relationships between occupation and brain degeneration in patients with dementia.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Sandra Slutz

Scientist Sandra Slutz, staff expert at Science Buddies, a website for science students, uses O*NET information to nurture career exploration for millions of young scientists around the world.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Harley Baker

Professor and Developmentalist Harley Baker used O*NET data to recreate the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program (CEP).

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Laquisha Clyburn

Career Consultant Laquisha Clyburn uses O*NET OnLine when leading workshops and in counseling job seekers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. John J. Horan

Professor of Counseling Psychology John J. Horan created the Automated Advisor using the O*NET database and career tools.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Keith Duarte

Data Frenzy President Keith Duarte is building the leading job distribution and resume management company--with O*NET in it.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dr. Janet Wall

Senior O*NET Trainer and Sage Solutions President Janet Wall applies O*NET data and tools myriad ways in her career development and educational assessment work.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Julie O'Connor

Statistician Julie O'Connor keeps Montana's Career Information System (MCIS) current by maintaining the latest O*NET occupational information in it.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Bill Archer

Employability Skills Trainer Bill Archer uses O*NET OnLine and emphasizes using the O*NET common language when helping clients discover skills gaps and create excellent resumes.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: David S. Lipnicky

Sr. Workforce Development Information Specialist David Lipnicky uses O*NET in many functions in his work with the U.S. Department of Labor/ETA. For starters, he leads many O*NET workshops throughout his 11-state DOL/ETA Region.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jane Field

LMI Training Coordinator and best-selling author Jane Field embeds O*NET information and tools throughout her career exploration guides and planning tools for students embarking on their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Becky Hayes

Career Counselor and business owner Becky Hayes uses O*NET many ways when counseling her clients. College Major Testing is a career development private practice whose clients use O*NET data and tools to grow in their careers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Jack Hurley

Employment and Training Assistant Jack Hurley uses O*NET information and tools creatively as matchmaker between job seekers and employers.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Dana Barber

Employment Readiness Specialist Dana Barber inspires new O*NET users to best practices in leveraging the power of O*NET OnLine and its complimentary tools. She works with blind and visually impaired consumers to help them make informed career choices.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Ben Garcia

Web and Database Manager Ben Garcia has used O*NET data and tools in many applications during his career as economist, database wizard and Webmaster.

Spotlight on O*NET Users: Mike Tillotson

Oklahoma Employment Services Commission Area Program Manager Mike Tillotson uses O*NET information more ways than you can count, from leading seminars, advising business councils, and teaching occupational coding, to developing workshops and consulting with the Governor's Council of Economic Development.

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