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O*NET and My Next Move

My Next Move is the user-friendly electronic career exploration tool that helps users identify potential career choices by keyword search, industry, or by taking the Interest Profiler Assessment.

O*NET’s Role in America’s CareerOneStop

Course presents content about the role of O*NET in America's CareerOneStop website, and shows how O*NET information forms the foundation for the rich and comprehensive material found on this site.

O*NET and Green Resources

Course presents content about the greening of our economy, workforce and occupations. Describes green occupations, how to find them in O*NET, and where to find more green-economy resources.

O*NET and Competency Models

Course reviews the United States Department of Labor competency models. Explains how one can use O*NET to adapt the competency models.

O*NET and Military In Transition

Course explains how veterans can use O*NET to access tools and services designed to help them transfer their occupational skills to civilian occupations.

O*NET and the Economic Recovery of Newton, IA

Course tells how Newton, IA used O*NET to revitalize the local economy and create 1,200 jobs following a plant closure.

Value of O*NET for Employers

Course describes O*NET OnLine and explains how O*NET benefits employers. Covers the benefits of the common language of O*NET and shows employers how to use OnLine search functions.

O*NET Career Exploration Tools Overview

Course presents content explaining the O*NET-based assessment tools the Interest Profiler, Work Importance Locator and Ability Profiler.

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