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Introducing My Next Move

Experience a live demonstration of the features and uses of My Next Move, the new user-friendly electronic career exploration tool launched by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Tools & Technology for In-Demand Occupations

Dr. Janet Wall provides background and information on O*NET Tools & Technology. She shows how O*NET OnLine, Career Voyages and Career InfoNet incorporate Tools & Technology. Lastly, she describes plans for Tools & Technology.

Whole Person Assessment Using the O*NET Career Exploration Tools

Dr. Janet Wall discusses the concept of assessment and reviews the kinds and purposes of assessment. She introduces the three O*NET Career Exploration Tools and shows how each tool directs the user to occupational information.

Keeping Pace with O*NET’s In-Demand, Fastest Growing, Highest Paying Occupations

Dr. Janet Wall shows the tools that enable users to find occupations that are fastest-growing, highest-paying, in-demand, and have the largest employment and job openings. She also shows how to identify occupations with declining outlooks. Lastly, she covers the same topics regarding industries.

Examining Linkages between Education, Occupations and Pay

Dr. Janet Wall shows the relationship between education and occupations and between education and salary. She then explains how O*NET and other government resources can help individuals learn about in-demand occupations and acquire the education and training they need to perform jobs in those occupations.

O*NET's New and Emerging Occupations

Dr. Janet Wall explains the concept behind New and Emerging Occupations. She reviews the process used to identify these occupations and lists the New and Emerging Occupations that are, or will be part of, O*NET. Using O*NET for Transferability of Skills.

Using O*NET for Transferability of Skills

Dr. Janet Wall points out how O*NET features support using an individual’s skills and other characteristics to find compatible occupations. She demonstrates how to use two products that use O*NET to achieve reemployment.

Using O*NET to Connect the Unemployed to High Growth and In-Demand Occupations

Dr. Janet Wall helps attendees better understand the future world of work. She points out government resources that help users better understand the knowledge sets/skills/abilities needed to perform jobs in emerging occupations. She points out resources that help people prepare for good jobs with better pay and brighter futures. Lastly Dr. Wall shows how O*NET information is incorporated into job search and career exploration tools.

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