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O*NET’S Role in Community Colleges

Dr. John Rich, Counselor and Director of Career Services at Three Rivers Community College, focuses on O*NET’s use with community college students. Dr. Rich uses O*NET resources to present career opportunities to students. He talks about his experiences and zeroes in on at least one student situation to explain in depth how he uses O*NET.

O*NET and the Real Game

Phil Jarvis, Vice President, Global Partnerships, National LifeWork Center discusses O*NET's part in “The Real Game”. Facilitated by a teacher, the Real Game allows youth to experience life in the future in terms of a real budget, real decisions about careers, and real solutions when things go wrong. Phil Jarvis explains how the O*NET database is incorporated into The Real Game and how students are directed to real-life careers based on O*NET data.

Assisting At-Risk Youth with O*NET

Diana Bailey, Workforce Development and Transition Coordinator, provides insight into how the State of Maryland is using O*NET products such as the Career Exploration Tools to assist at-risk youth as they transition into the workplace. She also shares insights on the use of O*NET’s tools in the adult prison system.

Guiding Individuals through Their Career Journey Using O*NET

Job Developer Donna Flisack discusses using O*NET to guide individuals through their careers.

Using O*NET to Create Resumes

Business owner Robin Schlinger shares her use of O*NET information to craft powerful resumes.

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